How We Assess the Mom/Baby Balance

In order to assess and monitor if the necessary balances between a mom and a baby are being maintained in pregnancy, we have developed proprietary techniques to intercept very small particles which mediate and facilitate the “crosstalk” between the maternal and fetal tissues, and which circulate in the mom’s bloodstream.


Circulating microparticles (“CMPs”), sometimes called microvesicles or exosomes, have now been shown to be important features of intercellular communication between the maternal system and the fetus.  As an example, one placental cell may shed up to 10,000 of these microparticles each day in order to communicate its “status” to other cells.  


Our NeXosomeTM technology enables us to intercept these social media “tweets” between cells, and read their content.  Our studies have now shown that measuring the biomarker content of these particles can allow us to see signs of dysfunction in the mom and baby balancing acts as early as week 10-12 of pregnancy.    Those dysfunction signs are indicative of a higher risk of preterm birth.

Microparticles, such as exosomes, are shed by various cells into the bloodstream and are taken up by other target cells, as a way to facilitate “cross-talk”

In pregnancy, maternal tissues like the uterus and fetal tissues like the placenta constantly deliver microparticles back and forth to help maintain balances which allow the pregnancy to progress normally